Is decaf coffee good or bad for you?

Decaf coffee

Millions of people all over the world start and finish their day with a cup of freshly brewed coffee. Whether it is to wake up, to get energized for a workout, or to infuse yourself with some energy for an all-nighter. Hell, we drink it 24/7!

But more and more people have started to question if so much caffeine is actually good for your health, not to mention your sleep. That’s when decaf coffee started making its entrance into the world of coffee drinkers. But what health benefits does decaf coffee have that regular coffee doesn’t? We did some research and listed the benefits and downsides of decaf coffee for you!


Decaf coffee: what is it?

Decaf coffee – or decaffeinated coffee – is coffee from which most of the caffeine has been removed. It only contains about 0-7 mg of caffeine per cup, as opposed to the 70-140 mg of caffeine in regular coffee.

Not only does decaf contain less caffeine, it also tastes different from regular coffee. Because the beans are decaffeinated before they’re roasted, the taste is a bit milder and less bitter.


Benefits of drinking decaf

Sleep better: if you like to have coffee after dinner, decaf coffee is definitely for you. Because decaf coffee contains less caffeine than regular coffee, your cup of coffee won’t keep you awake at night.

Detox: if you are living a healthy lifestyle, decaf coffee will fit right into your healthy diet. Because it contains the vitamin B3, it actually helps to detox your body from free radicals created by stress and anxiety.

Antioxidants: antioxidants improve your health and help fight free radicals in your body. While decaffeinated coffee contains slightly fewer antioxidants than regular coffee, it still has enough to benefit from it.

Better memory: the antioxidants in decaf coffee actually help to improve your memory!


Downsides of drinking decaf

Less antioxidants and nutrients: regular coffee has higher amounts of antioxidants and nutrients than decaf coffee. In the decaffeination process, about 15% of the antioxidants are lost.

Energy boost: whereas regular coffee gives you a strong energy boost, decaf coffee doesn’t. This is because decaf coffee contains a lot less caffeine than regular coffee.


So, is decaf coffee good or bad?

Coffee is a delicious drink, but if you want to consume less caffeine on a daily basis, decaf coffee is an excellent way to enjoy coffee without the side effects of a high caffeine intake. It almost has the same health benefits and not many downsides.


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