How to make the perfect Mojito


Every cocktail has a unique recipe. Are you a true cocktail connoisseur in the making? We’ll show you how to make the perfect Mojito with our [cocktail mixing set]! The Mojito is a fresh, summery Cuban cocktail with rum, lime juice and fresh mint. There’s nothing better than sitting back and sipping a cocktail that you’ve made yourself!



white rum 45 ml • cane sugar 2 cocktail spoons • sparkling water 30 ml • lime juice from 1 lime • 1 mint sprig • ice


What you need:

cocktail glass • muddler • jigger • cocktail spoon




1 Put the mint leaves in the glass and muddle with the pestle

2 Measure the rum (45 ml) with a jigger

3 Add the lime juice, sparkling water (30 ml), and cane sugar

4 Crush the ice with the muddler

5 Stir with a cocktail spoon

6 Garnish the Mojito with a mint sprig

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