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Wine and dine: Scallops in garlic butter with red wine

Over the past couple of years the concept ‘wining and dining’ has grown in popularity. People aren’t just looking for a good glass of wine anymore, but instead want the full experience. There are many restaurants who have paired their wines with the food and where the staff can tell you all about the unique flavour combinations. But you can also serve a nice wine with a dish at home! Create that authentic restaurant feeling with our recipe for scallops in garlic butter with red wine.

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Wine and dine: Flatbread pizza with a white wine Spritzer

In the summer we love to have drinks and dinner parties. You can go to a terrace for this, but you can also do this in your own backyard or on the balcony. And the evening wouldn’t be complete without a nice dinner and a good bottle of wine. That’s why we came up with a light, summery dish and a sparkling drink: flatbread pizza and a white wine Spritzer. The fresh meal with a light wine makes this the perfect ‘wine and dine’ combination for a summer day!

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Spicy Mango Margarita & Mexican Ceviche Taco’s

Guest blog by: Cocktailicious

The Spicy Mango Margarita is a nice and spicy Margarita. We have combined this cocktail with delicious Mexican Ceviche Taco’s! Do you like spicy? Then these are definitely recipes for you!

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Cocktail & food pairing: The Orange Mojito & Cheesy Nacho’s!

Nacho’s and Mojito’s! The perfect combination if you ask us. This cheerful looking cocktail is the Orange Mojito and we paired it with a delicious plate of cheesy nacho’s. The combination of a refreshing and sweet cocktail with a plate full of melting nacho’s will surprise you! In this blog you’ll find the recipes for both the cocktail and the dish.

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Cheerful summer cocktail: The Orange Mojito

Switch it up with an Orange Mojito! This cheerful cocktail is sweet and refreshing and best served on a summer afternoon. This is how you make it!

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The Moscow Mule

A refreshing cocktail with a kick: That’s the Moscow Mule! It’s easy to prepare and an absolute jaw dropper to look at. This is how you make it!

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4 summer cocktail recipes

The summer nights where you can sit in the garden or on your balcony until the sky has turned dark are the best ones. And those moments wouldn’t be complete without a refreshing summer cocktail! These are our favourites!

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Creative with cocktails: techniques, flavours and more!

The best cocktails are created with inspiring flavour combinations and creative techniques. Do you enjoy trying out new recipes? Step up your game with these tips, techniques, flavour combinations and more!

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Must have tools for a cool cocktail

How much fun is it to surprise your friends with home made cocktails? Transform your home into a cocktail bar with the right kind of tools! But what tools do you absolutely need? We’ve lined them up for you!

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How to make the perfect Mojito

Every cocktail has a unique recipe. Are you a true cocktail connoisseur in the making? We’ll show you how to make the perfect Mojito with our [cocktail mixing set]! The Mojito is a fresh, summery Cuban cocktail with rum, lime juice and fresh mint. There’s nothing better than sitting back and sipping a cocktail that you’ve made yourself!

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