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What makes coffee sustainable?

Coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the world. Yet, not all coffee is produced sustainably. You can recognize sustainable coffee by the quality mark on the packaging. This quality mark is a certification that guarantees the norms for fair production. In this blog we’ll tell you what fair production entails.

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Slow coffee: The art of taking your time

Over the past couple of years, slow coffee has quickly risen in popularity. But what exactly is slow coffee? We’ll tell you!

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Wine o'clock

At first, it seems fairly simple to serve wine. You select a bottle, take a wine glass, uncork the bottle and pour the wine into the glass. However, nothing could be less true. Pouring wine is a ritual that requires the necessary attention. And even though we can’t all be sommeliers, we can adhere to a few simple rules. It will not only make you look very professional, it will also make you enjoy the wine you pour more.

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Cocktails with tea

It has been known for some years that you can make delicious cocktails and mocktails with tea. But how do you make them? In this blog Mariëlle Erkens will tell you everything you need to know!

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How to make slow coffee with an espresso maker and with a French press

Mastering the art of slow coffee becomes easy with these steps! In this blog we’ll explain how to make slow coffee using our Tivoli espresso maker and our Vincenza French press.

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How do you organize a winter barbecue?

A winter barbecue is just as much fun as a barbecue during summertime. But how do you turn your winter barbecue into a success? In this blog we’ll share out tips on how to organize a delicious and cozy winter barbecue!

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Hosting a Cocktail Party: The Holiday Season


Holiday cocktail parties are one of the most popular ways to celebrate the holidays. We have laid out the basics of planning a cocktail party for you! 


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Delicious cocktail recipes

Are you looking for new cocktail ideas? We have one for every occasion!.

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