Must have tools for a cool cocktail


How much fun is it to surprise your friends with home made cocktails? Transform your home into a cocktail bar with the right kind of tools! But what tools do you absolutely need? We’ve lined them up for you!

The shaker

The cocktail shaker is a absolute must have if you plan on making cocktails. There are several different types of shakers. One of them is the cobbler shaker. This shaker is a good one to start with because of the practical built in strainer, which makes pouring very easy. Secondly, we have the Boston shaker, which consists of a stainless steel cup and a glass top. This is a very nice one because you can see what is happening to the ingredients while you shake. However, opening and closing the shaker will take a little bit of getting used to!

The jigger

A jigger is a measuring tool that helps you to measure the right amount of liquor. Most jiggers have to measuring sizes, for example 20 plus 40 milliliters or 30 and 50 milliliters. Which measurement you use depends on the amount of liquor required for your cocktail.

The strainer

Are you using a cocktail shaker to mix your ingredients together? Then a strainer is a must have. The most commonly used strainer is the Hawthorne strainer and the fine strainer. You use the Hawthorn to keep the ice cubes from falling out when you’re pouring out the cocktail. If you also wish to stop the finest ice crystals and other fine ingredients, we recommend using the fine strainer.

The bar spoon

You can recognize the bar spoon by the long stem. The stem makes it easier to stir a cocktail. Besides stirring, you can also use the spools to measure small amounts. There are different types of bar spoons. For the cocktail technique called ‘layering’ you use a bar spoon with a flat bottom.

The muddler

You use a muddler to muddle ingredients, thereby intensifying the aroma’s and flavour from juices. This enhances the flavours in your cocktail!


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