Cold brew iced coffee: Inspiring flavours!

Cold brew iced coffee

Coffee! We all love it. Making a specialty coffee yourself gives you a moment of peace and drinking the coffee renews your energy. There are many different ways to make a specialty coffee.

Sometimes you’re absolutely craving that shot of caffeine, but you don’t want a hot cup of coffee. Try a cold brew! This refreshing cold brew coffee is our own recipe and perfect for every coffee lover who is looking to change up their coffee routine!


Arabica beans • 1L water • ice cubes • 30 ml milk (or almond milk) • optional: vanilla extract


What you need:

Coffee mill • (glass) pot or carafe • coffee filter or French press



1 Use finely preground beans or grind the beans yourself with a coffee mill.

2  Put the coffee grinds in a large (glass) pot or carafe and pour over 1 litre of water. Stir well.

3 Seal the pot and leave for 12 hours.

4 Now it’s time to filter the coffee. You can use a coffee filter or a French press. Make sure you filter out all of the coffee grinds.

5 Fill a glass with ice cubes.

6 Fill about 1/4th of the glass with coffee.

7 Now pour over the milk.

8 Finish off with a few drops of vanilla extract to taste.


Do you want to make your cold brew a true taste experience? Try one of these flavour combinations:


1 A cold brew with freshly squeezed lemon juice and tonic

Add 20 ml of freshly squeezed lemon juice at step 2. At step 7, replace the milk with tonic (100 ml). A refreshing combination!


2 A cold brew with almond milk, vanilla extract and cinnamon

This flavour combination will make your cold brew taste sweet and full of flavour. At step 7, use almond milk and add to taste. At step 8 you add the vanilla extract (no more than a few drops) and a dash of cinnamon. Stir well before drinking! 


3 A cold brew with dark chocolate syrup

For this cold brew, use a chocolate syrup that is specially made for the enrichment of drinks. Dark cholate syrup has a powerful chocolate flavour which goes very well with the dark notes of coffee. Add approximately 5 ml of chocolate syrup during step 8, instead of the vanilla extract.


4 A cold brew with honey and liqueur with a nutty taste

A cold brew with honey and liqueur with a nutty taste is an absolute yes for everyone with a sweet tooth. At step 8, add a teaspoon of honey and 10 ml of any liqueur with a nutty taste. Stir well. This cold brew is nice for after dinner or during the aperitif.


5 A cold brew with fresh ginger and chili 

A cold brew for a true daredevil is the fresh ginger and chili brew! Add the ginger at step 2: slice 5 ginger wedges of about 2 cm and add to the pot or carafe. You add the chili at step 8 instead of the vanilla extract. A dash of chili is enough, but if you want it extra spicy you can always add more. Stir the mixture well and let yourself be surprised!


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