Whiskey Mojito recipe

whiskey mojito

“When life gives you limes, you make: A Whiskey Mojito!” This Whiskey Mojito recipe is for everyone who appreciates the taste of whiskey ánd loves a good mojito. Cheers!


Whiskey 45 ml • cane sugar 2 bar spoons • sparkling water 30 ml • 4 lime wedges • 1 mint sprig • ice


What you need:

Cocktail glass • muddler • jigger • cocktail spoon



1 Put the mint leaves and three lime wedges in the glass and muddle with the muddler

2 Measure the whiskey (45 ml) with a jigger

3 Add the sparkling water (30 ml) and cane sugar (2 bar spoons)

4 Crush the ice with the muddler

5 Stir with a cocktail spoon

6 Garnish the Mojito with a mint sprig and a lime wedge




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