4x tasty autumn cocktails!

Autumn cocktail recipes

When you think of autumn, you probably think of coloured leaves, wind and rain and walks in the forest in the crisp air. However, we think about challenging autumn flavours, classics with notes of caramel and the perfect cocktails for tempestuous weather. These are our four specially selected autumn cocktails!

Autumn cocktail 1: Apple Pie Mojito

The name already says it: the Apple Pie Mojito is the apple pie amongst the cocktails. A nice touch if you want to switch it up at tea time!

Ingredients (for 4 cocktails):

Vodka caramel 120 ml • apple juice with pulp 120 ml • 16 lime wedges • 16 mint leaves • 1 apple • cinnamon powder • crushed ice



  1. Cut the lime into four wedges. Add the wedges and the mint leaves to a sturdy glass and muddle. 
  2. Add the caramel vodka and fill up the glass with crushed ice.
  3. Top it off with apple juice and stir well. The lemon wedges and mint leaves should not be at the bottom.
  4. Use four apple slices to make an apple wafer and sprinkle cinnamon on top.

Source: Cocktailicious


Autumn cocktail 2: 43 Sour

When autumn comes we favour the richer autumn flavours, such as caramel. That’s what makes the 43 Sour a perfect autumn cocktail, because you make it with Licor 43. Perfect for the fall!

Ingredients (for 4 cocktails):

Licor 43 160 ml • sugar syrup 40 ml • 2 whipped egg whites • juice from 2 limes • orange rind • ice cubes



  1. Add all of the ingredients (except the orange rind) to a shaker and shake until the shaker becomes frosty.
  2. Pour the contents into a cocktail glass with ice cubes using a strainer.
  3. Garnish with an orange rind.

Source: Leopold Vienna


Autumn cocktail 3: Cinnamon orange gin tonic

The cinnamon orange gin tonic really tastes like autumn in a cocktail glass. The sweet flavour of the orange is intensified and complemented by the tangy cinnamon and anise stars. A must try for the fall!

Ingredients (for 4 cocktails):

Gin 140 ml • tonic 400 ml • 4 cinnamon sticks • 4 star anise • 1 orange • ice cubes



  1. Fill your gin tonic glass about ¾ of the way with ice and add two orange wedges.
  2. Pour in the gin and top with tonic water.
  3. Add the cinnamon stick and the star anise.

Source: Rachel Cooks


Autumn cocktail 4: Red Negroni “Halloween Special”

Halloween special! It’s spooky season and for the spookiest night we have the perfect cocktail: the Red Negroni! Because of its bright red colour it almost seems like you’re serving fresh blood.


Red vermouth 120 ml • campari 120 ml • gin 120 ml • orange rind • ice cubes



  1. Shake the gin, campari and vermouth in a cocktail shaker and pour into a cocktail glass using a strainer.
  2. Garnish with an orange rind.

Source: Food Republic



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