4 autumn gin tonics you have to try!

Autumn gin tonics

When the leaves turn red, orange and yellow we tend to seek out warmer places but also richer and warmer flavours! So logically, a few autumn favourites are apple, cinnamon and orange. The combination of sweet and spicy perfectly matches the tempestuous autumn weather. Do you live for gin tonics in spring, summer, autumn and winter? Then you definitely have to try these four autumn gin tonics!


Autumn gin tonic 1: Cinnamon and orange

The cinnamon orange gin tonic really tastes like autumn in a cocktail glass. The rich orange flavour is intensified and complemented by the tangy cinnamon and star anise. A must try for the fall!

Ingredients (for 4 cocktails):

Gin 140 ml • tonic 400 ml • 4 cinnamon sticks • 4 star anise • 1 orange • ice cubes



  1. Fill your gin tonic glass about ¾ of the way with ice and add two orange wedges.
  2. Pour in the gin and top with tonic water.
  3. Add the cinnamon stick and the star anise.

Source: Rachel Cooks


Autumn gin tonic 2: Raspberry and rosemary

In autumn we also enjoy sweet fruits! The flavour of the sweet raspberries combined with the herbal rosemary flavour makes this cocktail a true autumn cocktail.

Ingredients (for 4 cocktails):

Gin 200 ml • tonic 600 ml • 24 raspberries • 8 sprigs of rosemary • maple syrup • ice cubes



  1. Fill a glass with ice cubes. Add the gin and then pour over the tonic. Stir shortly.
  2. Divide the raspberries evenly over the glasses and add a few drops of maple syrup. Stir carefully so you don’t damage the raspberries.
  3. Add two sprigs of rosemary per glass.

Source: HealthNut Nutrition


Autumn gin tonic 3: Blackberry and black pepper

Do you want an extra herbal gin tonic? Make it with blackberries, rosemary and black pepper! An autumn gin tonic with a kick.

Ingredients (for 4 cocktails):

Gin 200 ml • tonic 800 ml • frozen blackberries 500 gr • honey or syrup 2 tbl spoons • 4 sprigs of rosemary • ½ tea spoon freshly ground black pepper • ice cubes • optional: lemon wedges



  1.  Put ¾ of the blackberries in a bowl and add the honey or syrup. Puree the blackberries and sieve.
  2. Divide the ice cubes, blackberry puree, gin and tonic between four glasses. Gently burn the tips of the rosemary sprigs and add to the glass.
  3. Divide the rest of the blackberries over the glasses. Sprinkle with freshly ground black pepper. Optional: Add a lemon wedge to each glass for a touch of zesty flavour.

Source: The feedfeed


Autumn gin tonic 4: Spanish Dream

Having drinks on a terrace is coming to an end, but the cocktail season is far from over. For all cocktail lovers who still enjoy drinking gin tonics when the weather is colder we came up with the Spanish Dream. This gin tonic with gin and Licor 43 will transport you to warmer days! 

Ingredients (for 4 cocktails):

Gin 120 ml • Licor 43 80 ml • tonic 600 ml • 4 cinnamon sticks • orange rind • ice cubes



  1. Fill up four glasses with ice cubes. Then add the gin, the Licor 43 and the tonic. Stir well.
  2. Garnish with the cinnamon stick. Stir the gin tonic with the stick so it gives off the cinnamon flavour.
  3. Serve with a rolled up orange rind on top of the ice cubes.

Source: Leopold Vienna


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